Traffic Tickets Aren’t Always a Simple Offense

You are driving along a highway and see a police car in the median ahead. You may immediately hit your brakes, even if you aren’t speeding, out of habit. Even if that isn’t a habit you’ve developed, chances are drivers around you will be hitting their brakes because many drivers speed, and many speeders are stopped by police. In fact, at one point, statistics showed 20% of drivers in America got at least one traffic ticket in a five-year period.

Not Always a Simple Offense

Though minor speeding violations may have become a joke punch-line to some extent, all traffic offenses are not simple offenses. Sometimes traffic violations can result in serious repercussions, especially in the case of CDL traffic tickets. There are many types of traffic tickets other than speeding, such as distracted driving, driving without a valid license, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving or running a red light. These offenses vary in severity and are typically categorized into infraction, misdemeanor and felony buckets.

Penalties Vary by Categorization

Simple speeding offenses are generally infractions, which carry very low penalties. Some traffic offenses, though, are considered criminal offenses, which are misdemeanors and felonies. Types of criminal traffic offenses are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, reckless driving, hit-and-run, driving with a suspended or revoked license and vehicular homicide. Penalties for criminal offenses vary from simple penalties like fines to more severe penalties like probation, jail time or even prison sentences. In the case … Read More

Don’t Forget To Follow These Steps When Facing Criminal Charges

There are plenty of reasons a person would not want to find himself or herself on the receiving end of a pair of handcuffs. When an arrest occurs, the suspect can feel an instant pang of panic and confusion. Nevertheless, it is important to keep as calm as possible and focus on the aspects that truly matter. As part of that process, consider the following tips as important first steps. 

Research the Charges and Penalties

The nature and severity of criminal counts will make a big difference in how any defendant will approach the situation. In many cases, it will be possible to secure Wayne County bail bonds and obtain release prior to the trial. In any case, however, it will be important to begin discussions with lawyers as soon as possible. 

Identify the Legal Options Available

A bail bonds service provider is not the only expert someone in this situation will need, of course. It will be important to begin looking for a team of attorneys early on in the ordeal. If that means obtaining a public defender, be sure to get any additional expert advice available. Other defendants are able to afford their own lawyers, which can provide some additional benefits and opportunities. 

Decide the Best Possible Pathway

Upon finding the right team of legal allies, it will come time to decide on a plan. This will not only include any defense strategy or plea deal, but also a strategy for getting life back on track after everything … Read More