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What You Need to Know About Worker’s Comp in Texas

What You Need to Know About Worker’s Comp in Texas

Accident On The Job

If you received an injury while working on the job, you may be eligible for receiving worker’s compensation. However, the laws governing this issue can sometimes be difficult and easy for the worker to be tugged around until they don’t end up with any money. As such, it’s imperative that you hire a workers compensation lawyer San Antonio. J.A Davis has a team of dedicated attorneys eager to make sure that you don’t miss out when it comes to worker’s compensation.


In order to receive worker’s compensation, a few stipulations have to be met. First, the employer you’re looking to collect from had to be the same employer where you were working when the accident occurred. This can also include part-time employees. Second, that employer has to have worker’s compensation insurance. Finally, the injuries you received in the accident must have happened at the place of employment and the injuries must have either been sustained or developed as a result of your job.


Possible Denials

Even if you met all of these qualifications, there’s a chance that your claim for worker’s compensation may still be denied. Some of those instances may be that you failed to file your paperwork in the given time according to Texas law. This is when a lawyer is especially handy. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what you need and when you need to send that information, so you’re not denied simply because you missed a date. You may also be denied if the injury occurred when you were not on the clock. If you were found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may not receive compensation. Your employer may try to argue that the injury is part of a pre-existing illness that you have.

It can be easy to miss out on compensation. Don’t let it happen to you. Call J.A. Davis to represent you.… Read More

A Lawyer Can Help You Appeal A Worker’s Compensation Denial

A Lawyer Can Help You Appeal A Worker’s Compensation Denial

While Texas passed worker’s compensation laws and requirements to help out workers, there are still strict regulations in place. Since fraud has become a problem, the state wants to ensure those receiving benefits truly are injured to the degree that they claim. That requires injured workers to meet certain requirements.

The requirements state that your employer must have valid worker’s compensation insurance at the time of the accident and that you were working for that employer, when the accident occurred. More specifically, the law adds that your injuries or illness must have developed through the performance of your required duties. Similarly, your condition may be the result of exposure to a harmful environment or substance, which occurred directly from your engagement in assigned tasks for the employer.

Even when you have met the previously explained conditions, you may still be denied your claim for benefits and, when that happens, you may want to consider hiring a workers compensation lawyer San Antonio. Your lawyer will be able to better determine the cause for the denial, which may be as simple as a missed deadline or improperly filed documentation. Similarly, the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation may not have received the documentation they requested and, therefore, they denied your claim for benefits.

Other factors may have more to do with your condition, particularly if your employer suspects your injuries were the cause of a pre-existing medical condition. If you are suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident, your claim may also be denied. Injuries that aren’t deemed serious enough to limit your job performance may also be reason enough for the denial.

There may be other reasons for your claim denial as well. An attorney can address those reasons and may be able to ensure your appeal for benefits is approved. If you’re unfamiliar with the process and have been injured on the job, it may be beneficial to you to hire an attorney at the very beginning of the process. This can ensure your claim is filed correctly and reduce the chances of a denial. Working with an attorney will help you receive your workers compensation benefits sooner and more efficiently than might otherwise be the case.… Read More

Knowing What To Expect From Spousal Support Laws

Knowing What To Expect From Spousal Support Laws

Getting divorced is always a complicated and emotionally draining process, leaving each party to feel nervous about the future. For the spouse who was less of the breadwinner, the idea of being single again may present fears of a financial hardship for which he or she isn’t prepared. he courts recognize that this may present a troubling situation and, therefore, have a system in place to ensure the divorce doesn’t leave one spouse in a bad situation.



Spousal Support Begins with the Division of Property

In Florida, the name on the title of property involved in the marriage isn’t as important as the equitable division of property. In these terms, equitable doesn’t always mean equal, but it does imply that the property should be divided fairly. In deciding what is equitable in each case, the court will examine the assets and the liabilities involved in the marriage, paying special attention to which party is responsible for paying debts and which one holds the majority of the assets.
Additionally, the court will look at other determining factors. They may examine whether property was purchased before or after the marriage, as well as what the property is used for and how frequently it is occupied. The court will probably consider how long the couple was married, as well as the financial circumstances of each individual.

Getting an Order for Spousal Support

It’s important to be aided by the advice of an alimony attorney Pasco County, when you go to court, no matter what your circumstances. A legal advocate can help you protect your interests in court. Spousal support can be awarded to either the husband or the wife, as it’s determined on a case by case situation, so it’s important to not make assumptions. If the wife was the primary income provider in the family, she may be responsible for paying support to the husband.
It’s also important to understand that the court may award temporary support to assist one spouse through the duration of the divorce proceedings. That support may or may not be extended in a final divorce judgment. If that’s the case, it may be made a more permanent order for support.
In any divorce proceeding, it’s necessary to have a legal advocate to speak on your behalf. Someone experienced in family law and in the laws concerning spousal support can help you protect your situation. Your spouse will almost certainly have an attorney and so should you.… Read More

Do medication consumption rooms hold the answer to America’s heroin problem?

Do medication consumption rooms hold the answer to America’s heroin problem?

Glasgow is in the middle of an HIV break out.

Virtually every brand-new instance is a heroin addict, as well as it is spreading faster compared to anywhere else in the UK.

A similar story played out two years ago in Ohio. With the surge of heroin use in the United States and abroad, not only are deaths from overdoses increasing, so are the medical issues related to addiction.

According to those monitoring this episode at Health care Scotland, it’s the most awful we’ve seen in the UK for three decades – spreading out on a scale as well as at a price last witnessed in the 1980s. That was the Trainspotting era.

Glasgow initially spotted an HIV spike three-years-ago however, versus all the patterns seen in other places in the UK – and indeed in Western Europe – it is worsening.

The core of the issue is it’s confirming tough for medical officials to manage the spread of the virus when the addicts are concealed away, infusing in alleyways and also the backstairs of public parking area.

‘ I woke from a heroin solution to discover a rat eating my arm’

Several are homeless, struggling with mental health and wellness problems as well as self-medicating.

They are not easy to get to and few are engaged with health experts, makings it more challenging to contain the HIV spreading among this team within our population.

In feedback, Glasgow health officials asked a panel of experts to come up with a plan.

Their suggestion is to open a drug consumption room – a facility where addicts can bring their very own medicines to inject with clean needles under supervision as well as with the offer of health checks.

There are some programs in the United States such as needle exchanges that are somewhat similar in their goals, trying to help bring addicts out of the shadows and in the purview of medical professionals. It’s this approach, they hope, will give them the ability to catch serious medical infections before they spread from IV drug usage among fellow addicts.

Such centers are currently utilized in Canada, Australia, as well as across Europe.

The customers just sign up at the facility, after that they’re enabled to bring their own medicines without dealing with arrest.

It’s much safer than infusing the roads and they also obtain aid for any physical or mental health issue, in addition to HIV examinations.

Addicts are provided a clean area to infuse, a nurse is on standby to treat overdoses, as well as the made use of needles are gotten rid of. Right now in the United States, drug addiction is still largely considered a criminal justice issue, not a public health crisis. Although some States are reducing penalties and promoting a treat-first mentality, most states still criminalize drug activity through felony or misdemeanor charges.

It’s a long means from lying comatose in the seamless gutter amongst the rats.

In Denmark, HIV prices have actually plummeted to … Read More