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A Worker’s Compensation Claim Isn’t Always Your Best Course of Action

A Worker’s Compensation Claim Isn’t Always Your Best Course of Action

Most states make it illegal to sue your employer for a workplace injury and worker’s compensation benefits are established to help in those situations. This is a system that allows workers to receive compensation for their workplace injuries, which can be used to compensate employees for missed time out of work and medical care. It’s a system that helps ensure the injured employee is cared for, following an accident, but what happens when a third party is the cause?

Sometimes, filing a claim for workmans comp Oregon isn’t the best choice. If a third party was involved in causing the accident, it may be worthwhile to seek damages from that person, or entity, instead. In these cases, a vendor, outside service personnel, or other individuals may be responsible for causing your injuries. If so, hiring a personal injury lawyer may enable you to obtain the compensation you need to pay the full cost of your recovery.

While it is illegal to sue an employer in most instances, there are exceptions to the rule. For instance, if your employer doesn’t have the worker’s compensation insurance mandated by the state, you may have to sue in order to receive compensation. Alternatively, gross negligence committed by your employer may have resulted in the accident and, in that case, a lawsuit against your employer may be necessary. A third exception to the rule involves a physical assault committed by a representative of your employer, but only when he wasn’t acting in self-defense.

When it becomes necessary to sue over a workplace accident, the best course of action is to speak with a personal injury attorney, who also specializes in worker’s compensation cases. This type of attorney will be best equipped to determine whether you should file a standard workman’s comp claim, or sue a third party. By knowing the best course of action to take, you’ll have more success in receiving the compensation you need. A settlement in either type of case can help you recover from the financial burden caused by lost wages, physical injuries, and the need for ongoing treatment.… Read More

What to Do When Wrongly Accused of a Crime

What to Do When Wrongly Accused of a Crime

Very few people think about the possibility of being wrongly accused of a crime. Unfortunately, it happens far more often than a person may think. Here are some things that you can do if you find yourself in this situation.

If you witness a crime or even feel suspicious that a crime has occurred, immediately call 911. It has been shown time and again that the first individual to call 911 is very rarely the individual who is actually responsible for the crime. It is usually the victim or a witness. It is better to call 911 and ask questions later if you feel even a little bit suspicious.

It is common for individuals who are wrongly accused of a crime to answer all questions that are asked by authorities. They feel that they have nothing to hide, and so they have nothing to worry about when they speak. You should remain silent. You have the right to do so. Unfortunately, it is common for innocent individuals to say something that can be taken out of context or misconstrued. Never talk to police without a fairfax criminal lawyer present.

Another mistake that innocent individuals often make is allowing the police to search their home even though they do not have a warrant. Here again is the idea that they have nothing to hide. You have the right to refuse a search of your home unless the police have a warrant. When police go with a warrant, there are usually specifics that they have to follow. When you just allow the police to enter, there are no limits.

You need to get the very best legal representation that you can afford. Find someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. Working with a lawyer does not mean that you are guilty. It means that you understand that the legal system has rules, language, and a wide variety of other things that can only be successfully navigated with a trained and qualified individual. Use what ever money you have available to hire a lawyer because your entire financial future and that of your family likely hangs on the situation.… Read More

3 Ways a Divorce Lawyer Can Assist You

3 Ways a Divorce Lawyer Can Assist You

When you decide to separate from your partner, it’s important to look at how a divorce lawyer in Lake Forest, IL can assist you with all that has to be done. Every divorce is different. As such, there will be some considerations to review.

Separation of Property

There may be a lot of property that has been accumulated throughout your marriage. If it is a no-contest divorce, separating out the property may be easy. You will need to consider who gets the marital home, how any savings gets divided, and even how debt is divided. While it’s easy to say that everything gets split 50/50, that is not always the case. The presence of a prenuptial agreement may cause a strife within the separation of property. There may also be some assets that belonged to one party before the marriage.

Alimony Calculation

In some instances, alimony may be awarded to one party. This is often if one person was not working throughout the marriage. The alimony may last for a set amount of time or be ongoing until the other party decides to get remarried. Your lawyer in IL will be able to calculate the alimony so that it is fair for both parties.

Child Custody

If you have children from the marriage, child custody will need to be established. In addition to deciding who will have primary custody, you will also need to review a parenting plan and have child support payments calculated. A divorce lawyer in Lake Forest will be able to help you with all of these components to ensure that you have thought of everything. The goal will always be to make sure that the kids are getting the care that they need.

It can be nearly impossible to handle a divorce entirely on your own. Even in the most amicable of marriage resolutions, it’s important to get the help of a lawyer.… Read More