The Bright Side of Kratom


Kratom is a tropical indigenous plant commonly indigenous to Southern Asia especially Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bornea where it has been grown and harvested for centuries and is part established tradition. In Thailand where it is commonly grown in the central and southern regions, Kratom has been in existence in the society for thousands of years and is used in traditional cultural performances as well as folk medicine. In fact it is estimated that more than 70% of the male population in Thailand uses Kratom on daily bases. Kratom has a scientific and it botanically goes by Mitragyna Speciosa. It is classified in the same family as the coffee (Rubiaceae) plant.

The plant may reach up to the height of 50 feet with a spread of more than 15 feet. The leaves of Kratom have been found to be ever green and are constantly being shed during the dry season of the year, and replaced during the rainy season with a fresh leaf weighing on average 2 grams. Scientific research conducted on the plant have found more that it contains more than 40 active compounds including more than 25 active components known as alkaloids such as Mitragynine which was thought to be the primary active constituent. Those interested in conducting research can buy kratom online at websites such as Kratomystic or Sacred Kratom. It is very important to know that Kratom should not be ingested, and those choosing to buy kratom for internet resources should be only using it for botanical and scientific research. Although there is only little known about growing the plant, It easier to grow in tropical climate as it is very sensitive to drought and frost, and normally requires very rich, fertile soil as it is described as a heavy feeder.

Kratom is used for medical purposes especially in Easter Asia where it is commonly used as either a substitute for opium or to moderate opium addiction. It is believed that the plant neutralizes the addiction to narcotics and is therefore a very important plant in the medical world for eliminating craving to narcotics. Kratom is widely sold on the market and in different types of Kratom, that is, leaves, powder and resin. Basically, the three different kinds can be used to make tea which is probably the tastiest ever, and with relatively no health risks.

In August 3, 1943, the Thailand government passed the Kratom Act 2486 prohibiting the planting of Kratom and barring possession of its leaves as well as demanding the cutting down of existing trees. This law was however found not to be effective since the tree is indigenous to the country. The Thai government however consistently tried to destroy the plant by burning forests or chopping large sections of Kratom forest down, although a large member of the citizens were opposed to this move arguing that eradication campaigns not only destroy the trees and the wildlife, but also destroy the Thai culture which has been there for centuries. As a result, in 2010, the Thailand office of the Narcotics Control Board proposed affirmed Kratom use as an integral part of Thai culture and concluded that since there is absence of health and social risks, then it would be unnecessary and counterproductive to prohibit the use of Kratom. As of October 2013, the justice ministry of Thailand suggested the removal of Kratom from the narcotic drug list, though still recommended regulating Kratom usage in other ways. In other countries like in the US, Kratom is not regulated by the united federal government at the moment while in Malaysia it is prohibited. The criminalization of Kratom has created barriers for research and in Thailand for example, the eradication campaigns have made it difficult for researchers to adequately research the benefits of Kratom.

Nootropic Brain Drugs Rise in Popularity

Basically, many folks doubt the efficiency of Nootropics and some of them even claim that this is just a waste of money as it is not working. It is understandable if you don’t really trust smart drugs since they are referring to improving your mental and cognitive skills. You might claim that this is like a cheat code because improving your brain functions will allow you learn many things easily. A lot of individuals are buying nootropics like Noopept and a booster Adrafinil is considered a good sign that these drugs are very efficient. If you think that these drugs do not offer amazing benefits, all these facts will verify you wrong.

Smart drugs have been experiencing increased sales in the past few years and it isn’t just because of the people who are testing the efficiency of the products. If you feel that this is the reason why the product sales are increasing, you are making a big mistake. These health supplements have been on the market for a period of time so if they are not efficient, the product sales would not have soared for several years. This is already an indication that more and more folks are buying these health supplements to improve their cognitive and mental skills and it is due to the biohacking movement. Many of the experts think that you can actually enhance your body through constant tweaking and smart drugs can be used to do this.

Andreessen Horowitz, a famous investment company that made huge investments on Facebook, Skype and Airbnb, decided to make a $2 million investment in Nootrobox, a company known to manufacture “Rise” and “Sprint” pills which will improve your focus, memory and energy. Chris Dixon mentioned that he will be investing in Nootrobox since the company is offering a more technological method compared to the infomercials provided by other organizations. The investment company believes that this industry has a large potential and they know that the products are effective so they’re making a big gamble.

The positive evaluations from the users will be the best testimony on its effectiveness. If you will take a look at the reviews from the web, you will surely realize that this drug isn’t a simple supplement. You could different testimonials from students, working individuals and elderly people stating that the drugs are really effective.

You can find different kinds of Nootropics in the marketplace and they all have different uses. If you wish to benefit from this supplement, you must do your research and learn what they can do before you go out and buy them. There are a lot of reasons why some folks are not using smart drugs, but if you believe that it is about the effectiveness of the drugs, you are making a big mistake. The folks who used this product were all satisfied with the results.

Herbal Remedies

Plenty of individuals are considering herbal medicines because they are extremely safe to use. They can offer the same health benefits as prescription medicines, but they don’t have negative side effects so they are really popular. However, there are tons of various herbs that may improve your general health so it could be a bit difficult to choose the best one to use.

You have to discover more about the common herbs on the market these days and the herbs that provides a wide range of health benefits. Listed below are some of the most typical herbal medicines that you may consider.

Ginseng isn’t only a popular spice for some of the best dishes all over the world because it might also improve your general health. It is said that this natural herb may help decrease the blood sugar levels of individuals with Type 2 diabetes and it might slow down colorectal cancer cell growth. It can also improve mental health and it might reduce stress so this is seriously popular for individuals who are working in the office.

Rosemary is popular for various cuisines as well, but it is well-known all over the world as a medicinal natural herb that may alleviate muscle discomfort, improve memory and boost your immune system. This is also a useful source of vitamin B6, iron and calcium.

Turmeric is a popular natural herb not only in India, but also all over the world. This is actually the spice that gives the yellow color in the popular curry dish.

Turmeric is widely referred to as a spice, but many folks are using this because of its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This is seriously popular for the folks who are suffering from arthritis and painful joints.

Cinnamon is also an natural herb recognized for its ability to reduce blood sugar and lower levels of cholesterol in your body. This is one of the many reasons why lots of folks are adding a little cinnamon on their diet, particularly those who are suffering from diabetes.

Passionflower is also popular, specifically in the form of capsule or tea. It is typically made into a supplement, but you may always try the tea if you want. It has the capability to ease insomnia and anxiety so it’s seriously popular to lots of individuals. Thyme is regarded as the ultimate antioxidant natural herb because it contains lots of lavonoids apigenin, thymol, naringenin, luteolin and more. These antioxidants can certainly prevent cellular damage and it might boost general health. It can also help you prevent cancer, inflammation and signs of aging.

Herbal medicines are not considered a part of the medical industry because they acknowledge the health benefits of these herbs. There is no need to doubt the effectiveness of these herbs because doctors are now recommending them.

The Unquestionable Fact About Herbal Remedies

Everyone knows that herbal medicines are popular these days due to the health benefits that they provide. They provide the same usefulness as prescription medications, but they do not have any negative side effects so most people prefer to use them. The Internet allowed other people to understand the various benefits of these natural herbs so they became popular. There are a lot of various natural herbs that provides various health benefits so if you want to know more about them, we’ll jot down some of the most popular natural herbs on the market right now.

Ginseng is regarded as one of the best natural herbs since it is not only used for various cuisines; it may also be a great way to improve your general health. Most studies recommended that it may decrease the blood sugar levels levels of people suffering from Type 2 diabetes and it may slow down the growth of colorectal cancer cells. It can also improve mental health and it may lessen stress so this is seriously popular for people who are working in the office.

Rosemary, on the other hand, is commonly used for various cuisines, but it is also known as an herb that can lessen muscle discomfort, boost defense mechanisms and improve memory. You could also get lots of iron, calcium and vitamin B6 on this herb.

Basil is a very common herb used in many meals. This is not only an ingredient because it may also be a remedy to various medical conditions. Basil can also be used to remove your stress due to the anti-anxiety attributes that it has.

Lavender is not only used for creating perfumes since it contains soothing and calming effects that may surely remove your stress. Lots of people are looking for supplements that contain lavender since it also contains anti-anxiety attributes like Basil.

In case you are coping with digestive problems, Ginger is among the most efficient herb that you can use. This is the herb that is always available in your kitchen because you can use this on various meals.

Ginger is seriously popular because it may relieve digestive problems like loss of appetite, nausea, motion sickness and discomfort. This may also be used to treat various inflammatory conditions.

Astragalus is also seriously popular since it has been used in Chinese medicine to treat various conditions like allergies and colds. It can actually improve your defense mechanisms so many folks are trying to look for supplements with this herb.

Herbal medicines are extremely popular these days because many people already appreciated alternative medicines. They are now acknowledging the benefits of these natural herbs and their ability to improve your general health.

Nootropics Aren’t Just For Tech Millionaires

Many people are not a fan of health supplements, particularly when you are referring to the drugs that can enhance mental and cognitive skills. If you believe that this is simply a scam, think about the popular drugs in the marketplace and you will see these supplements at the top. If you’re still asking if Nootropics are really effective, you must try to ask the folks who are continuously buying these smart drugs.

A lot of individuals are buying these supplements so you might assume that it is very effective. It is quite tough to believe on something that you have not yet tried, buy you might make assumptions based on these details, so go out and buy aniracetam – a popular “newbie” nootropic and find out yourself.

Recent statistics advised that companies are that are manufacturing smart drugs have been experiencing increased sales in the past few years. This is not because of the individuals who are testing the product because these drugs have been in the marketplace for several years. The sales should have dropped in the past if the drugs are not effective.

The biohacking movement is one of the reasons why the sales of these drugs enhanced through the years. Most researchers think that the body can be enhanced through constant tweaking and these drugs are part of this since they can effectively improve your cognitive and mental skills.

You should also know about the move of Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz. This investment firm has been known by lots of people due to their investments on Facebook, Airbnb and Skype. They would like to do the same with Nootrobox. They already announced that they’ll make a $2 million seed investment round in Nootrobox, the creator of “Rise” and “Sprint” pills that could improve memory, energy and focus.

Dixon made this move because Nootrobox is providing him a more technological approach. Many of the drug organizations are only using infomercials. This is already a simple fact that will show that the drugs are efficient. Investment firms will not make this kind of move if the drugs are unproductive.

The most important thing that you need to know is the positive reviews from the users. Well, this is probably the best testimonial to prove that these drugs actually work because you may hear it from the individuals who already used them. This isn’t just viewed as a simple supplement because students, working individuals and elderly folks are getting plenty of benefits from this.

You should try to understand how these Nootropics work before you use them because there are various types of drugs with different results. If you wish to find the right one, do your research before you buy.

There are some people who are not using smart drugs, but if you feel that they’re not using them since they are ineffective, you are making a mistake. The individuals who used this product were all satisfied with the results.

Scientific Peptide Research

For many years, peptides have become one of the most essential chemicals in the healthcare industry, especially for their research. Lots of scientists and experts think that peptides have the answer to all the questions that they have with regard to different diseases. Even though the studies are still incomplete, the experts are still continuing their research as they are getting good results. Fundamentally, a part of their study is the different kinds of peptides that may affect our body in many ways. If you need some information about this, here are the things that you have to learn.

Hormone peptide is one of the most typical classifications of this kind of chemical. This can be described as messenger molecule and it’s responsible for the cellular communications within your body. Basically, they are being produced by the endocrine glands and these peptides are sent directly to target the bodily organs and do what they are made to accomplish. Well, this type of peptide is also made from amino acids so you are possibly puzzled on how it is made. The bodily organs inside your body functions properly because of this peptide because it’s related to the cellular communication.

Neuropeptides are found anywhere in your body and they’re always present in the central and peripheral nervous system. They have inhibitory and excitatory features so they’re incredibly important. Neuropeptides also work like the frequent neurotransmitters within your body like serotonin and dopamine. This is the reason why most of the scientific studies are using this for Parkinson’s disease. It has the same functionality as dopamine so they are taking a look at the possibility that this can help cure this kind of disease. There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease right now, but with the help of these studies, it is possible to find the best treatment.

These peptides are important since they’re being utilized for drug manufacturing and studies, especially for disease treatment and prevention. However, they’re not the only peptides currently existing inside the body. Ribosomal peptide is produced once the ribonucleic acid (mRNA) on the cell is converted and it contains 30 to 40 amino acids. You can also try looking at nonribosomal, which is usually synthesized when there are enzymatic catalysts present. Peptonic peptides, alternatively, are very rare because this chemical can only be formed during the digestion process within the body.

The scientific studies today are directed to the diseases, but they are also looking at the other functions of peptides. Even though the conclusions are not yet strong, the researchers are doing their best to make certain that they’re making correct findings.

What are Nootropics?

In the past decade Nootropics have been extremely popular with students due to the benefits that they have the potential to offer. Since they can improve your brain functions, these health supplements are also referred to as cognitive boosters. Typically, your brain functions will start to weaken as you get older and this is something that you cannot avoid. However, it is possible to delay the symptoms with the help of supplements such as Nootropics. It is relatively easy to find information on Nootropics online and enhancers such as Noopept, Acetyl L-carnitine and Adrafinil are some of the most common ones. If you are still reluctant to buy nootropics, you should look at the various ones available online and do your own research prior to making any decisions. This article will explain some of the important basics you need to know about Nootropics.

One of the most typical troubles of students and working men and women is their lack of ability to concentrate on a particular task over a period of time. Well, there are various aspects that may negatively affect your concentration. Cognitive enhancers are not only known to boost brain functions because it could also boost motivation and clarity to help you concentrate on your tasks. This will definitely be helpful when you need to review for an exam or you need to complete a certain project.

Stress could also affect your concentrate negatively so you’ll need these supplements to help you. As you are all aware of, access of information from your memory is very hard, particularly when you begin to grow old. Well, kids can retrieve info from their memory with no trouble because their brain cells are not yet ruined, but as you grow older, this ability starts to weaken and it may affect your daily activities. You may even forget that you must review for an exam or you need to bring something important to your office. These simple situations can already be a big problem so you must know how to enhance your brain functions. Cognitive enhancers are known to improve info access from your memory so it’s advantageous.

Basically, cognitive enhancers can improve your overall brain health and it is the most important benefit that you should understand. Only a few health supplements can actually do this type of thing and these cognitive boosters can help you enhance all of your brain functions. Your neurons are damaged as you get older so taking supplements may help improve your brain functions even if you are already old.

These cognitive enhancers also have the ability to prevent damage to your neurons. They do not have the ability to prevent age-related brain troubles, but they can hold off the signs. Although there are many individuals who are still reluctant to use these supplements, cognitive boosters is proven safe and effective. If you’d like to boost your brain functions and overall brain health, this is the best possible way to do so.

Revealing Another Internet Scam


HCG VialHCG diet is an extreme diet that involves injections of HCG hormone, as a weight-loss diet. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women and in medical circles, it is used to treat infertility. However, the diet recommends consumption of around 500 calories per day with shots of the hormone in order to lose weight. Because of the near-starvation level of calories, the diet leads to dramatic weight loss up to 30 pounds in a month. However, there is much controversy around the diet because legally, an over-the-counter prescription of HCG is unlawful, and online vendors such as HCGDropsWorld and HCGActivate are not verified, and no one really knows if their products work or not. I’ve done a mini research study, so read to to see the reality of HCG and its uses.

Are there any real uses?

In medical fields, HCG is used to treat infertility in both men and women. The use of the drug as a weight loss diet was introduced in the 1950s when English endocrinologist T.W. Simeons realized that small and regular doses of HCG helped obese patients to lose fat. However, the diet has been widely used and many patients are taking on the diet without regard to its long term effects.

According to Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School says that the use of HCG to help in weight loss is completely absurd. According to Cohen, the reason why people are losing those ponds has nothing to do with HCG, but because they are hardly eating anything. This is because the recommended diet comprises of organic meat, fish, and vegetables. Dairy products, carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol are all off limits. Thus, such a diet will definitely lead to weight loss in the short term.

However, there are doctors who advocate for the diet claiming that what needs to change is the dosage, and mode of implementation. For instance, Dr. Sheri Emma claims that the use of HCG for weight loss purposes needs to be customized. Thus, according to her the dosage should be based on the patient’s gender, age, and medical history. In addition, Dr. Emma advocates for certain forms of exercises and a diet of between 500 and 1500 categories. According to her, most physicians do not know how HCG works in weight loss programs and thus they should desist from randomized use of HCG to prevent severe side effects.

What about the sides?

  • In the first place, due to high calorie restrictions of the diet, patients using HCG as an injection or the diluted homeopathic form are susceptible to gallstone formations, electrolyte imbalance, and irregular heartbeats.
  • Secondly, patients risk suffering from thromboembolism-the blocking of blood vessels due to formation of blood clots on blood vessels.
  • Young boys and men risk suffering from gynecomastia: the swelling of breasts.
  • Other general side effects include depression, irritability, fatigue, and restlessness.


Currently, there is much debate going on concerning the effectiveness and safety of the HCG diet for weight loss. Thus, it is important that patients try other approved weight loss programs before opting for the HCG Diet. Because, over-the-counter sale of HCG for weight loss purposes is illegal, it is important that patients consult their doctors before purchasing the product as it might have other harmful effects depending on the patient’s medical history.

2015: In With The Old…


As a first post to my new blog, I want to bring something back I tried on my travels to Thailand. It is known as Mitragyna Speciosa, or Kratom herb –  native to Southeast Asia particularly Thailand, Malaysia, New Guinea and Borneo. The botanical name of the tree is Mitragyna Speciosa Korthals. It is of the coffee family Rubiaceae, and is mostly grown in central and southern Thailand, and botanists can buy kratom online instead of growing it themselves. Traditionally it was used by Thai laborers, peasants and farmers to overcome the burden of their hard work and meager existence. Kratom was used as a painkiller, as treatment for opiate addiction and as folk medicine to treat disease such Diarrhea, Insomnia, depression, Diabetes and in some instances as a sexual enhancer.

Kratom herb

Negative propaganda and ulterior motives by some powerful quarters have led to the plant being stigmatized and wrongly classified as a dangerous drug. Criminalization of Kratom has been pursued purely out of economic motives. Without conclusive research or medical proof of the ill effects of Kratom, law enforcement organs in a number of countries including Kratom’s native country, Thailand, have criminalized the plant. The Thai government banned the plant and the consumption of its leaves in 1943. As the tree is indigenous in the region the criminalization had little effect on the access to the plant and its use. However, Kratom could no longer be cultivated as a crop and the Thai government made some attempts to destroy the trees concentrations in the wild. Despite the fact that the Thai culture supported the use of this plant the Thai government made serious attempts to eradicate it. As a consequence of the 1943 ban which is still in force today, there has been little medical research undertaken to link Kratom use or a history of use to health problems.

In 2010, the Thai Office of Narcotics Control established that the initial ban in 1943 was completely unjustified and informed by economic rather than health related or social concerns. In the 1940s, the Thai government was receiving substantial tax revenue from the sale and tax of opium, and Kratom was a threat to this revenue streams hence the ban. Kratom leaves act as an opioid agonist and as a consequence it is an effective tool to assist opiate addicts to break their addiction and curb opium usage. Since the findings in 2010, there has been increasing pressure on the Thai government to lift the Kratom ban. The Transnational institute, a prestigious body in Thailand, is strongly advocating for the legalization of Kratom so as to study its effects on treating alcohol and drug addicts. Thailand is attempting to control its population’s increasing dependence on methamphetamines and is seeking to legalize Kratom to help in the fight against alcohol and drug addiction.

Outside Thailand, the properties and effects of Kratom are being studied in a number of countries and it is in the list of controlled substances in Australia, Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Denmark, Bhutan, Malaysia and Myanmar. In the United States there is discussion about putting Kratom on the list of controlled substances and the Drug Enforcement Agency has included Kratom on its list of Drug and Chemical concern, but Kratom sale is not regulated . In the US scholars and researchers are studying its potential to assist opiate abusers stop addiction without withdrawal side effects. Kratom’s ability to assist wean drug addicts from stronger drugs like cocaine and heroin is also being studied.


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