Witnessed A Hit And Run Accident? Know What To Do!

While the law in New Jersey has made it mandatory for the involved parties to stop at the accident scene and exchange information, many drivers flee the scene. They usually do this to avoid being involved in a legal claim or in the fear that they may be liable for the other party’s damages. However, not only is this unethical but a serious crime as well.

If you have witnessed a hit-and-run car accident, you may have crucial information that may help the victim get justice sooner. Call 911 and wait at the accident site until the police officers arrive and ask for your statement. If your loved one has been injured in such an accident, speak to an attorney today and get your questions about personal injury answered.

What can you do to help?

If you have witnessed a hit-and-run accident and wish to help the parties, you may take the following steps.

  1. The parties may not be in the right state of mind after the accident and have difficulty exchanging information. Regardless of what happens, make sure to note down details of the accident, including the number of parties involved, vehicle information, how the accident unfolded, etc.
  2. If the victims are severely injured, help them get out of the hazardous accident site and call an ambulance. Stay with the injured parties until the paramedics arrive.
  3. Give honest witness statements to law enforcement officers.

What to do if you have witnessed a hit-and-run accident with an unattended car?

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Assuming you’ve been in an accident, what shouldn’t you tell your insurance company?

Whether this is your first accident or you have made many claims, it is important to proceed with caution while communicating with insurance companies. While it’s natural to assume that your insurance provider wants to minimize their losses, this is rarely the case.

In the end, insurance companies are businesses, and like any other, they want to make as little money as possible from claims. Because insurance adjusters won’t watch your back, you need to exercise prudence and take precautions. They will seize the chance to interrogate you and turn your own words against you at every turn.

Always have your vehicle accident lawyer handle all discussions with the insurance company. If you hire a lawyer at khaninjurylaw.com to handle your communications, you won’t have to worry about saying anything illegal by mistake. You may stop worrying about what to say to the insurance company and instead concentrate on getting well.

Resolving an Accident Claim

You should expect the insurance company to try to undermine your claim as soon as you submit it. Insurance adjusters will look over your claim and try to find anything they can use to deny it. The details of the collision and the severity of your injuries will both be investigated by the insurance company’s adjuster.

If any of your loved ones or passersby saw what happened, the insurance company’s adjusters will not hesitate to question them without your consent. Additionally, insurance adjusters will go to incredible lengths to collect evidence to use against you.… Read More