Can You Add Debt to Chapter 13?

Bankruptcy can be an option for people who are facing financial difficulties and cannot pay their debts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of the most common types of bankruptcy. It is a bankruptcy of reorganization. It allows debtors to restructure debts over time and pay creditors.

Life is unpredictable. Even after filing for bankruptcy, additional expenses can arise. Can you add debts to Chapter 13 bankruptcy after filing? We’ll explore this topic and answer the question.

Can You Add Debt to Your Existing Chapter 13?

Yes. It is a complicated process. You have to meet certain requirements.

In order to add new debt to chapter 13 the debtor needs to ask the court to change their repayment plan. You must prove that you can’t pay the debt once your lawyer files the court motion. Adding the new debt must not negatively affect the existing creditors.

For those in need, adding debt to a Chapter 13 plan of repayment can be beneficial. Medical bills, home repairs, and car repair costs, for example, can occur after a bankruptcy has been filed. You may be able to add these costs to your repayment plan if you cannot afford to pay them in addition to the amount you owe to the bankruptcy court.

The court will only include creditors who were listed in your original bankruptcy plan. If a creditor was not listed in the original bankruptcy plan, they have the right to collect that debt.

Modifying your Repayment Plan

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