Foundations Of Enterprise Legislation And Authorized Setting

Daniel M. Warner is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Washington, the place–following army service–he also attended law faculty. In 1978, after several years of civil practice, he joined the faculty on the College of Business and Economics at Western Washington University, the place he is now a professor of enterprise authorized research within the Accounting Department. He has served on the Faculty Senate and on various university and school committees, together with as chairman of the University Master Plan Committee. Professor Warner has additionally been lively in state bar association committee work and in local politics, where he has served on quite a few boards and commissions for over thirty years.

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CommentsI think the e-book does a superb job of presenting the fabric related to business college students and the regulation in a transparent and complete trend. Many of the concepts within the guide may be viewed in a “siloed” trend and the e-book does a great job of recognizing that. It is confusing that there are two separate sections that each talk about contracts.

These involve points related to employment, housing, small companies, taxes, immigration, bankruptcy, and extra. This textbook supplies context and essential concepts across the complete range of legal points with which managers and business executives should grapple. The text offers the vocabulary and legal acumen essential for businesspeople to talk in an educated approach to their clients, employees, suppliers, authorities officers—and to their own lawyers. Particularly with worldwide regulation … Read More

What Rights Do Car Accident Victims Have?

What rights do victims of car accidents have? There are many rights for victims of car accidents. Many people don’t realize the many rights they have following an auto accident. We will be discussing Florida’s rights for car accident victims.

Access to the Information of Other Drivers

Florida law requires that drivers exchange information following a car accident. After a car accident, you have the right access to the information of the other driver. You are entitled to the name and address of the other driver.

A Personal Injury Claim Can Be Filed Based on Severe or Permanent Injuries

If you are injured in an accident in Florida due to negligence, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver to recover damages. You have the right to sue a driver if they cause you to be in a car accident or you suffer permanent or serious injuries.

The Right to Recover Compensation for Pain and Suffering

You may experience significant pain and suffering after a car accident. You can file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver to seek compensation for your suffering and pain. To calculate the amount of your suffering and pain, however, you will need to consult a qualified attorney who is experienced in car accidents.

You Can File a Claim Against the Car Manufacturer

Car accidents can sometimes be caused by a defect in a vehicle. You can file a claim against your car manufacturer to recover damages if … Read More

How To Decide If Filing Bankruptcy Is Right For You

As we consider how to play our cards when in debt, we can all laugh at the idea of when to file for bankruptcy.

Are You a Bad Player?

Everyone wants the repayment of any legitimate debts.

  • Our self-image and values are enhanced by paying our debts. People who have worked two jobs and saved their money to pay off their debts are heroes.
  • In 2005, Congress made a big deal about taking personal responsibility for your debts. Pro-creditor Congressmen viewed bankruptcy as the option for those who are unable to pay the consequences of their actions.
  • People who sell credit claim that bankruptcy will make it impossible to trade in the credit markets until the end.

It can be difficult to decide which options to make when you are in debt.

What No One Talks Of

Nobody talks about the large-picture costs of repaying debt.

Nobody talks about people whose blind commitment to payments has made it difficult to see other financial threats.

Nobody talks about people who are willing to sacrifice their lives but fail to repay their debts.

Nobody talks about elders who are in debt and have no hope for better times.

The Bankruptcy Factors to Consider

How do you evaluate your options when deciding between getting out of debt strategies?

The relationships between your cards will influence the decision to pay off your debts. It is the relationship among the important factors. These are not hard and quick rules. Let’s take a look at the … Read More