Why Are Intersections So Dangerous for Bikers?

Over half of all two-vehicle motorcycle crashes occur at intersections. While junctions are already considered a hot-spot for accidents, the smaller relative size of motorcycles and the lack of outer protection can mean a higher risk for collision and more severe repercussions.

Small Visual Profile, More Line-of-Sight Obstacles

Even motorists who are diligent about watching their surroundings on the road can have a difficult time seeing motorcycles at intersections. The average size of passenger vehicles seems to be on the rise, and when a big SUV is sitting in the middle of a crossing, it can be very easy to miss a biker on the other side with the right-of-way.

Unfortunately, a common contention of the personal injury attorney Detroit is that most drivers aren’t even looking for motorcycles as they go about their day behind the wheel. Here are a few frequent causes for car-motorcycle collisions:

1. Distraction and Impairment

Cell phones, GPS devices and thousands of music selections at the touch of a button often do little more than pull a driver’s awareness away from traffic. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol can also make impaired motorists forget that they should be looking for more hazards than just other cars.

2. Failure to Observe Rules

Sometimes, self-absorbed drivers simply don’t acknowledge that others may have the right-of-way. Combined with a higher likelihood of a motorcycle being obscured by intersection fixtures or other vehicles, these motorists have a higher chance of colliding with a biker.


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3 Things You Need To Remember When Starting a Business

When you start a business, there are not enough hours in the day to get everything you need to get done. With so much responsibility resting upon your shoulders, and so little time to do it all, you may feel besieged by the world, the new business, and financiers. To help you manage your expectations and keep your company positive, here are three things you need to remember when starting a business.

1. Find Your Finances

Building a business takes money that you probably don’t have. To keep the creation going, you may need to find financing through loans, friends, or angel investors. You can also consider a wealthy partner or venture capitalist to provide the capital you need for taxes, payroll, or other costs and fees.

2. Hire an Attorney

Before you get too far into planning your company , hire a business law Souderton PA attorney to help you decide which type of business structure you need to register. There are also licenses, identification numbers, and tax paperwork to consider when creating a company. Your attorney can help you with all the government requirements, as well.

3. Do the Research

To excel in the industry you have chosen, you need to understand how it works. There are competitors around every corner, so no matter how novel your idea is, you have to be able to provide something that is better and less expensive than anything on the market.

4. Hire Some Help

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Questions to Ask A New Attorney

There are many reasons you may want to hire a lawyer such as a divorce, estate planning and business creation. Finding a new attorney can be a daunting process. One thing that can help you find the right one for you is to ask them a few questions during the consultation.

How Do They Communicate?

After searching for lawyers near me, you should come armed with questions. Many law cases can take months to resolve. You want to stay informed about the status of your case or legal documents throughout the process. Some communicate during specific stages of the case such as when they have questions or new development. They may primarily use email, phone or even text messaging.

What Qualifications Do They Have?

While a general attorney may work in a small town, most people need someone who specializes in a specific area of law. In fact, certain cases may require expertise in niche topics. Ask them what certifications or skills they have that can help them with your specific case.

How Can They Help You?

A lawyer with inexperience in your specific type of case may not be very effective. You want someone who has experience in this area of law. For example, you want to hire an attorney experienced with child custody if you are getting divorced and have children. If you want to create a living trust, a lawyer experienced in medical malpractice may not be the best choice.

What Can You Expect to

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