Husband’s Domestic Violence Then Apologizes, Wife Should What?

Marriage should bring conditions and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. But sometimes it gives terror that endangers the couple’s life. Wives who should be loved and loved by their husbands but sometimes even get very torturous treatment from someone who should provide protection. Wives are beaten until bruised, punched, kicked, humiliated, and shouted at by their husbands just because of trivial problems. Strangely after torturing his wife, the husband seemed to be sorry, apologized, and treated his wife very sweetly.

Facing this kind of problem is often the only thing that is thought to be divorce. Moreover, there are those who say that such husbands are very unlikely to change so that instead of receiving continuous violence it is better to be quickly abandoned for the safety of the soul and mental health of the wife and children.
In addition to divorce often the wife is also faced with the option of reporting the husband’s treatment to the police. In order to get legal protection, the wife must first make a record of domestic violence, document photos due to physical violence, and request a post mortem to the hospital. Instead of divorcing and reporting on the husband, it is more useful if the wife strives for a variety of ways that although difficult but more potentially save the family.
No matter how wrong the wife is, a husband should not use a punch. Husbands who beat their wives are certainly not worthy of being called real men. Nonetheless, the domestic violence problem remains a common problem in the family so there is no harm in the wife trying to correct herself who knows the cause of the husband’s violence because of the wife’s behavior.

Domestic violence must have a trigger. Maybe there are attitudes and sayings of the wife that provoke the anger of the husband for example the wife’s words are too sharp that makes the husband unable to resist emotions and take a short walk with beatings. If the wife does not do anything wrong but the husband is still domestic violence, the wife can find the right moment to invite her husband to speak.
Convict your husband that his actions besides being very painful for the wife and body are also very bad when seen by children because they can cause trauma. Children can even hate their father very much and imitate the same actions for others or their families later. It is possible that the husband still continues to do domestic violence even though his wife has tried to make good sense.

The wife can then take her husband to a trusted psychologist or religious leader. Help the psychologist or religious leader to find the root causes of why a husband committed domestic violence. The wife can recall the events on the wedding trip to find out when the husband began to lightly hand and about what caused it.
It is not impossible that a husband has experienced a mental injury because he was treated by his father, mother, or family roughly. Revenge and disappointment can make it easy to do the same thing with his wife even though it might not be desired. In this husband’s violent attitude as much as possible keep showing respect for the wife.
The husband of domestic violence looks very rude and strong but in fact his heart is hurt. It is good if the wife helps find the root of the problem and treat the wounds of the husband who is the source of domestic violence. Religious leaders and psychologists may be able to encourage husbands to forgive those who have hurt their husbands. Invite your husband to often follow spiritual activities to get enlightenment. Also often times what seems impossible to the wife is very possible for the Almighty even for more severe cases.

It is also not wrong if the wife is open to parents or someone who is respected by the husband who knows if anyone can make him change. Tell and show the bruises experienced by the wife. If only the husband continues to do domestic violence, his wife and children should seek safe shelter. A place that is far from the reach of the husband. This is not for divorce but for temporary separation to prevent more dangerous events and reduce the effects of trauma on children.

Finally, there is no problem that can be solved instantly. Often the problem asks for patience and perseverance. All households have problems but we should not immediately think about divorce. Hopefully the husband’s heart will change in the future, like a stone that is finally destroyed by continuous droplets of water. The children also saw an extraordinary example from their mother, making them not easy to think about divorcing and leaving their husbands with their own problems.