The Color That Is Suitable for The Kitchen

Well, for those of you who are trying to fiddle with the kitchen to make it look more beautiful and comfortable, this time we will discuss colors that are suitable for use on the kitchen wall. Starting from neutral colors to bold and vibrant colors, everything is here. For painters with good quality, you can visit

Here are some color references that are suitable to be applied in your kitchen.


Mustard is the right choice of kitchen paint colors for you who are eyeing the look of a cheerful dining room but still minimalist. This color is different from yellow because it seems darker and calmer, so it’s not too flashy. You can combine other calm colors like light ash or broken white so that the kitchen looks richer and more charming.


Caramel color is actually considered outdated because it looks shabby and can bring the impression that it is less alive in the room. I wonder what makes this color back in favor of many people. To be sure, by using caramel as a kitchen paint color, your dining area will look mature and chic. Caramel color is also an adaptation of chocolate, not too old and not too young. Very fitting for a cozy kitchen!


The green color series never disappoints, huh? Green is also a timeless color because it can give a natural and fresh effect. The series that goes into the 2019 minimalist kitchen paint color list this time is Tosca, or more commonly referred to as salted egg green. These colors are neutral and calm, so they can automatically describe the perfect minimalist kitchen. Pair with the golden color of the kitchen furniture so the dining room looks more spiced up!

Dark Green

One more thing, a series of green colors that enter the list of minimalist kitchen paint colors! Dark green has its own charm because, in addition to looking natural, this color can make your kitchen look more luxurious. How come? Yes, dark green (emerald) turned out to be one of the rows of royal colors such as maroon, gold, and purple. This color can add more interesting accents to a minimalist kitchen and not leave it looking empty.

Pastel Colors

The final minimalist kitchen paint color choices are pastel colors. The colors in this palette will not disappoint for a minimalist concept because it implies simplicity. In addition, as we have discussed, bright colors can make the kitchen look cleaner and more spacious. Whether it’s yellow, green, pink, purple, or orange pastel, everything will be just right, for your minimalist kitchen!