2 Building Violations Often Forgotten About

Large commercial real estate projects are pretty spectacular. Whether it’s an office building that brings people from all walks of life into one space to do their day’s work, or it’s taking an abandoned area and revitalizing it to better serve the people who live there, large-scale building projects make a big impact on the areas they’re in. However, with any big project, there can be unforeseen issues and problems, leading you to seek the services of a commercial real estate attorney Austin TX. While no one wants to undergo a legal battle, it’s best to move forward with the best counsel you can find to resolve any issue that comes up. Some of these issues stem from the actual building process. Here are three code violations that, if broken, may end up delaying your vision until they get resolved. 

1. Glass in Windows

Windows are beautiful additions to any project because they let sunlight in and allow people to engage with nature while inside. However, a window has to be safe. You can break code if you don’t have safety glass installed. This type of glass is needed because if the window breaks, it’ll shatter into tiny pieces, leading to less injury for those nearby the shatter. 

2. Low Ceilings Above Staircases

For people who may be vertically challenged, they wouldn’t even think twice about a low ceiling causing a problem. However, ceiling height does need to be taken into account when building. Today’s codes want ceilings to be at least 6’8″ to help tall people taking the stairs. While you could never probably make a staircase Michael Jordan thinks is tall enough, 6’8″ will suffice to keep your building up to code. 

As a real estate investor, you think in finished projects and ultimately want to see your vision serve the community. However, forgetting about the process involved can lead to a major disaster. Keeping up to date with codes, regulations and protocol will turn your dream into a reality faster.