3 Ways to Help a Friend Escape a Domestic Abuse Situation

When a friend reveals that they are suffering from domestic abuse, it can lead to various emotional responses from confusion to anger. It is natural to want to help the friend escape the situation immediately. By lending support, it is possible to assist him or her in escaping.

1. Help Create a Plan

If the friend is being monitored, invite them over or go over when the abuser is not home. Bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone that the abuser cannot track and look up resources together. Offer to shelter the friend or make transportation arrangements to another safe place. If children are part of the picture or the friend’s life is in danger, ask them to remove themselves immediately and file divorce paperwork, along with an emergent application NJ to speed up the process.

2. Look for Warning Signs

People who are being abused often try to hide the evidence. However, there are signs to look for if someone is thought to be a victim of abuse. The most obvious signs are physical symptoms, such as unexplained injuries that escalate in severity over time. Depending on the location of the injuries, they can be hidden easily. Other signs indicate a negative change in the emotional or mental state. If a friend cannot leave the house alone, becomes withdrawn or moody, no longer cares about their old hobbies or seems evasive when discussing their private life, it could indicate abuse.

3. Maintain Consistent Contact

Abuse victims often isolate themselves from their loved ones. Should contact be cut off abruptly, it can signal trouble. Even if the friend seems distant, maintain contact. This contact may prove to be a lifeline when the escape plan is implemented.

Helping someone leave an abusive situation is not easy, but it is worth the effort. Knowing that the friend is safe and can rebuild a life without the abuser provides peace of mind for everyone involved.