5 Most Obvious Damages That You Can Get Compensated For In A Wrongful Death Case

Losing someone close to you can be a bit hard on your feelings, especially if the death was caused by someone else. Cases of wrongful death have increased over the last few years, but you do not have to be worried because you can get a wrongful death lawyer to help with your case. There are several damages that come with a wrongful death which you can be compensated for. These damages are explained further in this article.

Injuries And Suffering

It is no surprise that one of the significant results after an accident is physical, mental, and emotional injuries. This is most unfortunate if you or your loved one survives an accident. You may not have been involved in the accident, but if your loved one was and got injured, you have the right to sue the individual who caused the accident. In such cases, you may enjoy some financial benefits on behalf of your people’s pain and suffering. It may be hard to accept that your loved one died out of someone’s negligence or even driving under the influence, but you can use the money you get to rebuild your life.

The Medical Expenses

Accidents happen, and the people involved may survive for some time, say a week, month, or even a year. However, there comes a time when, unfortunately, such an individual passes away. You may have incurred some medical bills while the person was alive. In such a case, you are at liberty to make the person who caused the wrongful death to compensate for such expenses. The decedent may have had life health insurance, but it’s the duty of the person who caused the accident to take care of all the health bills they left behind.

Any Lost Wages

Once a person dies, they can never attend to their corporate responsibilities if they were employed or ran a business. That is what is meant by lost wages and salaries. That is why you have the right to claim for the income the decedent may have made if they were alive. If one dies, they cannot attend to their jobs or businesses. In that sense, the motorist who caused the accident is liable to carry this burden. They should compensate you for all the wages your family may have lost due to the sudden death of your kin.

Loss Of Companionship

In some states, it is okay to file for loss of companionship, also known as loss of consortium, in an event where your spouse perishes at the hands of another person. In such a case, you can get financial compensation for the psychological trauma you may have undergone following the incident. The money you get from the settlement of the lost consortium can play a pivotal role in your recovery from the loss by covering all the resources you may need.

Burial Expenditures

When one dies, several things happen, but the ultimate thing is that there will be a funeral. Some choose to be cremated, and others buried, depending on their preferences or beliefs. No matter what happens, you and your family will incur some unexpected expenses, especially if your kin experiences sudden death. As a family, organizing a funeral for the loved one can be a challenging task, and costs can add up pretty quickly. That is why it is okay to present a claim for the expenses of laying your departed relative to rest.

Before you forget, you should understand you can also be charged with wrongful death, especially if you are liable for a fatal road accident. That is why it is advisable to ensure you are always careful to avoid such cases.