A Few Things You Need to Know About Workplace Injuries

You probably already know about workers’ compensation, especially if you have just been injured on the job and are in the process of applying for benefits or are currently getting benefits. However, you may be entitled to more than the benefits from workers’ compensation. Although it is true that the reason this insurance exists is to reduce the number of lawsuits that an employer would otherwise face without carrying workers’ compensation, it is important to understand that under certain conditions a lawsuit is allowed. Not only that, but you need to strongly consider doing this to receive the full amount of compensation for your injury. The following are a few of examples of when you may be able to sue.

You were told to do something dangerous

It doesn’t matter whether you realized how dangerous your action was. If your employer knew that you could get hurt when you were told to do a certain job, then your employer may be on the hook for paying money that goes beyond workers’ compensation.

You were hurt by equipment

If there was a piece of equipment that you operate that caused your injury, it is possible that your employer is responsible for your injuries. This is often true if the equipment was not maintained properly and your injury was the direct result of this lack of maintenance.

Your employer does not carry insurance

Although the majority of companies carry workers’ compensation, not every employer is required to carry workers’ compensation. It is possible that your company does not have this insurance, but just because they do not carry the insurance does not mean they are not responsible for compensating you for your injuries. An attorney can bring legal action against your employer or simply negotiate a settlement, so you can get the money you need to recover from your injuries.

Attorneys that can help you with compensation that goes beyond simple workers’ compensation also include disability lawyers in San Antonio TX. There is a lot of crossover in expertise and experience that attorneys have with workers being injured on the job and people who can no longer work.