A Lawyer Can Help You Appeal A Worker’s Compensation Denial

While Texas passed worker’s compensation laws and requirements to help out workers, there are still strict regulations in place. Since fraud has become a problem, the state wants to ensure those receiving benefits truly are injured to the degree that they claim. That requires injured workers to meet certain requirements.

The requirements state that your employer must have valid worker’s compensation insurance at the time of the accident and that you were working for that employer, when the accident occurred. More specifically, the law adds that your injuries or illness must have developed through the performance of your required duties. Similarly, your condition may be the result of exposure to a harmful environment or substance, which occurred directly from your engagement in assigned tasks for the employer.

Even when you have met the previously explained conditions, you may still be denied your claim for benefits and, when that happens, you may want to consider hiring a workers compensation lawyer San Antonio. Your lawyer will be able to better determine the cause for the denial, which may be as simple as a missed deadline or improperly filed documentation. Similarly, the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation may not have received the documentation they requested and, therefore, they denied your claim for benefits.

Other factors may have more to do with your condition, particularly if your employer suspects your injuries were the cause of a pre-existing medical condition. If you are suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident, your claim may also be denied. Injuries that aren’t deemed serious enough to limit your job performance may also be reason enough for the denial.

There may be other reasons for your claim denial as well. An attorney can address those reasons and may be able to ensure your appeal for benefits is approved. If you’re unfamiliar with the process and have been injured on the job, it may be beneficial to you to hire an attorney at the very beginning of the process. This can ensure your claim is filed correctly and reduce the chances of a denial. Working with an attorney will help you receive your workers compensation benefits sooner and more efficiently than might otherwise be the case.