Benefits of E-2 Visas

If you want to invest in the US economy through an investment in a for-profit business, you may qualify for an E2 visa Houston TX. These visas require a significant investment from an individual or business whose nationality has a treaty with the US. However, this investment and visa have significant benefits.

Family and Employees

Because the visa requires you to manage and grow the business, you are expected live in the US. Therefore, your spouse and minor children (typically those under 21 years of age) also receive visas. They can also apply for work permits while they are here. However, only your spouse can apply for a renewal.

Employees can also apply for E-2 status and renewals as long as they are from your country of origin and meet the visa requirements.

Investment Requirement

Although a significant investment is required, no monetary value has been set. Therefore, if the business is worth $100,000 or less and you own 100% of it, you may still qualify. More valuable companies require investments that give the visa holder at least 50% ownership of the company. This financial investment must be made prior to visa application, so this is a risk.  

The investment must be made in a for-profit company. The visa has a short initial approval period (2-5 years depending on the countries’ agreement) so the government can assess whether you are trying to succeed in your business or just find a way into the US.


Although this visa is temporary, it can be renewed indefinitely. These extensions make it nearly as beneficial as citizenship because a visa holder can live in the US for the rest of their lives, as long as they run the company they invested in initially. In addition, a foreign home is not a requirement.

For more information about E-2 visa requirements, consider consulting an immigration attorney.