Cases That Fall Under Family Law

There are many different areas of law an attorney can practice in. One popular field is family law. This type of law focuses on family-related cases.


One of the main types of cases practiced by family attorneys Spring Hill FL are divorces. With the national average still hovering around a 50% divorce rate for first-time marriages, this continues to be an active area of family law. Divorce can become messy with emotions running high and money on the line. Children can complicate matters further for many couples.


There are many reasons a person or couple chooses to adopt a child. In order to do so, they often require the skills of an attorney experienced in family law. Adoptions can be tricky especially when infants are up for adoption. There are a lot of emotions on the part of adoptive parents and sometimes biological parents. People can adopt a child through foster care, after guardianship, upon the loss of a loved one or through an agency.

Child Support

Whether a couple separates through a divorce or was never married, any children of the relationship must be supported financially. Children are expensive. Both parents must help support the child. The non-primary parent often provides financial child support to help offset the costs associated with raising a child to adulthood.

Child Custody

Similar to child support, child custody is another common area of family law. Child custody focuses on the physical and emotional well-being of the child. The couple may have joint custody or sole custody. One parent may have certain visitation rights while the other parent has primary physical custody.

Prenuptial Agreements

Many couples want to have a prenuptial agreement signed before tying the knot. In addition, those already married may want to enter into a postnuptial agreement. These documents can help provide care for the spouse should one pass away. It can also help if the couple divorces in the future. These documents are some of the more popular ones family lawyers draw up in their practices