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civil law

The ownership of land includes that which is above and under, as far as it can be usefully enjoyed in peak or depth unless there’s a provision of the regulation or authorized motion on the contrary. In the absence of a provision of the regulation pr of an agreement to the contrary, possession carries with it the best to all fruits, merchandise and accessories of the thing owned. When there are a number of debtors jointly and severally liable for one and the same debt, a surety who has assured them all, has a treatment towards every of them for all that he has paid in respect of the debt. A surety who has paid the debt has the right of motion towards the debtor to assert the principal amount of the debt, costs of the first declare and bills incurred from the date of giving discover to the debtor in respect of the motion in opposition to him.

If the outstanding premiums and any due bills are paid before termination, the contract shall become effective from the start of the day following the date of fee. The insured who has delivered the insurance coverage earlier than fee of the primary premium may not invoke what’s acknowledged in this coverage with respect to postponing the effectiveness of the contract to a date subsequent to the cost of such premium. The first insurance premium shall be payable on the time of concluding the contract unless otherwise agreed upon. To clearly mention at the time of concluding the contract all the circumstances of which he’s aware and that are helpful for the insurer to know to allow the latter to evaluate the dangers assumed. Of particular significance shall be the facts which the insurer makes subject to specific written questions. This particular provision shall be said within the insurance coverage. However, if the insured produces a receipt confirming fee of a part of the insurance coverage premium, he shall be empowered by all technique of proof that the contract has been concluded although he has not acquired a brief cowl observe.

When, nevertheless, remuneration is stipulated, the depositor, within the absence of agreement on the contrary, is bound to pay such remuneration on the time the deposit ends except there’s agreement or customized to the contrary. The depository could, at any time, compel the depositor to take back the factor deposited, unless it follows from the contract that the term of the deposit was mounted in the interests of the depositor. The depository is sure to return the factor deposited as soon as he is required so to do by the depositor.

civil law

The provisions regarding the insurance contract that are not dealt with in this Law shall be regulated by special legal guidelines. Insurance is a contract whereby the insured undertakes to pay to the insured or the beneficiary a sum of cash or a wage or any other monetary consideration in case of the incidence of an accident or realisation of the chance indicated within the contract. Such contract shall be made towards fee of a money consideration by the insured to the insurer. Custody shall come to an end both by agreement of all of the fascinated events or by a choice of the Court.

If the insured is asserted bankrupt before the expiry of the contract time period, the insurance coverage shall stay valid in favour of the group of collectors which turns into instantly indebted to the insurer for the entire premiums that turn into due from the date of handing down the judgement for declaration of bankruptcy. If there are a number of heirs or assignees and the insurance coverage contract becomes applicable to them, they shall be jointly responsible for cost of the premiums. However, the insurer and the individuals to whom title has been transferred or have acquired title by means of inheritance could unilaterally terminate the contract. Then, the insurer shall have the best to train its proper of termination within 30 days from the date on which it’s notified of the action inflicting the transfer of possession or the dying of the insured. If the insurer is unaware of the invalidity of the contract on the time of concluding it, it shall be entitled to obtain the insurance premiums to the tip of the period during which it was conscious of such invalidity. Upon realisation of the insured threat or if the date fastened in the contract falls due, the insurer shall pay the payable insured quantity inside 30 days from the date on which the entitled person submits the mandatory details and documents confirming his proper. Every settlement exempting the insurer from giving notice to the insurer or reducing the time limits supplied for within the above Paragraphs 1 and a pair of, shall be null and void.