Common Reasons Why Personal Injury Cases Are Lost

When you first take a look at personal injury law, you see how simple everything is. You prove what happened and you get the compensation you deserve. In reality, even if the process is simple, complications can always appear. Since you are most likely wondering what does personal injury law involve, start with understanding why personal injury cases are sometimes lost. The reasons highlighted below are just the really common ones.

You Do Not Have Legal Representation

According to law, you do not have to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you as you file your claim. However, this might actually be a big reason why you lose your case.

With these claims, you have to deal with several strict deadlines. Also, you need to negotiate insurance settlements and you have to be careful with many things that you will do. The personal injury attorney helps you by keeping you on track and making sure you do not do anything that could jeopardize your case. In addition, when you do not hire a personal injury attorney, there is a very high possibility you will recover a lot less than you could with legal representation.


One of the really important things in literally all personal injury claims is staying truthful. In an attempt to get more money or because of the belief that something might negatively influence the outcome, you might exaggerate or misrepresent something. Such things can become fatal to personal injury cases.

Courts can end up issuing sanctions or dismissing injury claims if the misrepresentation is discovered. Evidence might end up suppressed and this might stop your claim completely.

Posting The Wrong Thing On Social Media

When you talk to a personal injury attorney, they quickly tell you not to use social media. This is because what you say on your profiles can easily hurt your case. We are naturally tempted to let out our frustrations and we do want our friends to know we are ok. But, if you share things on social media, every single post can be presented in court.

Years ago, social media posts were not seen as reliable in court. Nowadays, they can be evidence. And a very simple statement you make like “I am fine” can lead to your injury claim being dismissed.

Lack of Documentation

In all personal injury claims, documentation is pivotal for success. You have to prove what happened, and show who the party to blame is. If your case is not great, it is not necessarily a problem, but you still have to convince important people that your claim is warranted. Your legal strategy is practically incomplete without documentation.


When you do not know the answer to something, do not make it up. Speculating about motivations or answers automatically opens the doors to holes in the case you present. The entire claim is going to suffer. Always discuss everything with the personal injury attorney. They will help you to synthesize the entire information and present the compensation claim in an accurate way.