Comprehensive Immigration Function

general understanding, it can also be stated that in essence Immigration is a series of activities in the provision of services and law enforcement as well as the protection of traffic in and out of people into the territory of the Republic, as well as supervision to maintain the upholding of the country’s sovereignty. Don’t worry, now Hermis Lawyers can help you to make a visa, Hermis & Associates is a leading Immigration company in Australia that specializes in make a visa, what are you waiting for, immediately visit

From this statement, the Immigration role can be interpreted operationally in the concept of 4 (four) Immigration functions. Where this concept states that the Immigration system, both in terms of immigration legal culture, immigration legal material (Legal Regulations), institutions, apparatus, immigration legal mechanisms, immigration legal facilities and infrastructure in its operation must always contain 4 (four) immigration functions, namely:

Immigration Service Function

One of the functions of immigration is the function of the administration of government or state administration which reflects aspects of service. From this aspect, immigration is demanded to provide excellent services in the field of immigration, both to Citizens or Foreign Citizens.

• Giving Travel Letters

• Provision of Entrance Signs and Exit Signs of Service for Foreign Citizens

1. Provision of Immigration Documents

2. Extension of Stay Permit in the form of One-Time Visit Visa, Arrival Visa on Arrival.

3. Granting Re-entry Permit, Rejecting Permit, Entry and Exit Signs.

Law Enforcement Function

In the implementation of Immigration duties, the entire Immigration Law rules are enforced to everyone who is within the jurisdiction of the Republic of the State, be it a Citizen or Foreign Citizen.

• Falsification of Identity

• Sponsor Responsibility

• Dual Passport Ownership

• Involvement in carrying out violations of Immigration Law Enforcement Immigration Law to Foreign Citizens is aimed at:

1. Counterfeiting the Identity of Foreign Citizens

2. Foreigner Registration Abuse of Stay Permits

3. Enter illegally or Live illegally

4. Monitoring or Raids

5. Geographic Immigration in crossings.

Operationally, the law enforcement functions carried out by immigration also include refusal to grant entry, exit signs at immigration checkpoints, granting immigration residence permits and immigration actions. All of that is a form of law enforcement that is administrative. Meanwhile, in the case of law enforcement the authority of the investigation includes the task of investigation in covering immigration violations (summons, arrest, detention, examination, search, confiscation), litigation of cases, and filing of case files to the prosecutors who will later be in the process of carrying out coordinated immigration processes with several related agencies such as the Police, District Courts and Attorney General’s Office.

State Security Function

Immigration functions as a gatekeeper. It is said so because Immigration is the first and last institution that filters the arrival and departure of foreigners to Republican territory. The implementation of security functions aimed at citizens is described through preventive measures abroad for citizens at the request of the Minister of Finance, Attorney General, Chief of the Republican National Police, Chair of the Corruption Eradication Commission, Head of the National Narcotics Agency, or leaders of ministries / institutions that have the authority to prevent .

Whereas in the implementation of deterrence for citizens because it is not by international principles and customs which states that a citizen must not be prohibited from entering his own country. The implementation of security functions aimed at Foreign Citizens are:

• Conduct selection of any foreign arrivals through inspection of Visa applications,

• Cooperating with other state security apparatus, especially in providing supervision regarding the enforcement of Immigration Law,

• Carry out Immigration Intelligence operations for the benefit of the State,

• Preventing and deterrence, namely prohibition for someone to leave the territory of the State within a certain period and/or prohibition to enter the territory of the State within a certain time.