How to Handle Your Divorce (Without Killing Your Ex)

It’s over. You’re separating from your spouse. While you might feel a little bittersweet, the divorce proceedings don’t have to hurt in the same way. Here are just a few tips for handling your split as painlessly as possible.

Divide Your Assets by Value

Instead of agreeing that you’ll each take a certain number of items from the kitchen or bathroom, try to divide your assets based on value. This will stop lopsided divisions where one person gets the TV while the other person is left with the crumbling cases of old DVDs. If you assign everything a price tag, you can make sure that you both get your money’s worth.

Keep Your Cool

There’s no use in playing the blame game. It’s done. It’s finished. You won’t score any points by getting your ex to admit to faults or wrongdoings. Instead of trying to be “right” one last time, focus on emotionally detaching yourself from the situation and keeping a cool head. Let your ex snarl if they want to; you’re saving your energy for more important things.

Hire a Lawyer

You and your ex should both hire a divorce lawyer. They’ll advocate for your interests while also helping you to navigate the complicated waters of legal representation. Just make sure that you’re choosing a reputable firm; a good Tampa divorce lawyer will take a little time and effort to find. Don’t hire the first person to pop up in a Google search.

Never Involve Your Kids

This is how divorces turn ugly. As a parent, you have a responsibility to protect your children from the roughest parts of your split, so don’t try to use them as spies or measuring tools. Don’t force them to admit who they love more. Understand that they have complicated feelings about the divorce just like you do, and respect their fragile psychological state.

Divorces are always a little painful, but they don’t have to become the nightmare scenarios that are often depicted in shows and movies. Use these suggestions to handle the proceedings as calmly and efficiently as possible.