Stuck Behind Bars? What Happens If You Need To Be Bailed Out

Though no one plans on being arrested, it is good to know what would happen if you find yourself in this situation. Whether it’s after a night of too much partying or you get stuck in the middle of a fight, an arrest can happen for many reasons. Here’s what you might expect if this happens to you.

The Arrest

If you are in a situation where a police officer believes they have reason to arrest you, the best thing to do is remain calm. Speak politely and follow their directions. The police may handcuff you and have you sit in the back of their vehicle. You then get transported to the police department for booking. At this point, you may be searched, have your rights read to you and may meet with investigators. When you get charged with a crime, you remain in custody until someone bails you out.

Posting Bail

Some crimes require you to wait for a judge to set bail, while others have a standard fee charged for your release. If the fee amount is low, you may be able to pay the entire amount. However, when the amount is more than you or a family member can afford, you may need to search for bail bonds near me Allentown PA. A bail bond allows you to pay a portion of the bail amount while providing collateral to the bondman for the remaining balance. When you leave on a bond, you make a promise to appear in court for all future hearings.

Awaiting Trial

Once you are out on bail, it can be a while before your next hearing. Every case and crime is different, so while the courts may resolve some quickly, others may take months or even years to conclude. While you are out on bond, you may have some restrictions you need to follow as a condition of your bail. For example, if you were driving drunk, you may need to attend AA meetings or be restricted where you travel. Most importantly, you must go to every court date, or you risk being rearrested and losing the money put up for the bail bond as well as any collateral.

Satisfying Your Bond

As long as you show up to every court hearing, your bond is satisfied at the end of your case regardless of the outcome. Whether you are found guilty or innocent, the collateral is returned to you or your family since you followed through on your obligation to appear in court.