The Best Way To Make It Through an Arrest

Staying calm and relaxed is key to making it through the arrest process when a police officer takes you into custody. You never want to be confrontational or argue with the police, and you certainly don’t want to try running away. As soon as you are under arrest, you should be respectful of the uniform and do what the officers say – as long as it is legal.


The police officer told you that you could remain silent when he or she read you the Miranda Rights statement, and you can serve yourself by doing just that. You must give your legal name when asked, but to any other questions the officers ask, simply reply with a refusal to discuss anything with them without having your attorney present.


Although the movies are full of police officers beating confessions out of detainees, the truth is that once you are in the police officer’s custody, you are under the state’s legal protection. Anything taken from you must be returned, you are protected from police brutality, and you are allowed to confer with an attorney. If the police refuse to allow you to consult with a lawyer, make sure you let the judge know when you meet at the court.


The last section of your arrest will be your release. The judge may allow you to go free, or you may be remanded to custody and given a bail amount. Once you know what your bail is, contact a bail bonds Harrisburg PA company. After paying 10% of the money due to the court, the agent will ask for your release papers.

Remember to stay calm when dealing with the police, and you can make it through your arrest, arraignment, and release without complications. All you have to do is remain silent and relaxed.