Uncovering the Truth – How Hiring a Private Investigator Can Strengthen Your Child Custody Case

Child custody investigations are complex and emotionally charged. In family court, accusations of abuse and neglect must be backed up by reputable evidence. Private investigators can gather witness statements and other substantiating information that can greatly strengthen your case in the courtroom. A PI can investigate the other party to ensure they provide safe living conditions, a hygienic environment and a healthy diet for your child. They can also dig up past issues like drug addiction or criminal activity that may be relevant to the case.

Background Checks

Typically, child custody cases revolve around the best interests of the child. A private investigator Rochester NY can gather evidence that supports this by conducting background checks on people who interact with the child, such as family members, friends and associates. These investigations can uncover past criminal activity that could impact the decision-making process. A PI can also surveil parents to document how they treat their children legally. This includes monitoring activities such as reckless driving, drug abuse, gambling and other damaging actions that might influence a court’s view on whether or not they are fit to be primary custodians. A PI can also interview people who know the parent of interest, such as their neighbors, teachers, or work colleagues, to gather character assessments and witness statements that support your case. Witness statements are viewed as high-value evidence and can substantially impact the outcome of your case. A PI should be considered an essential part of your child custody investigation team.


Regarding child custody cases, it can be difficult to prove your point if you’re facing allegations of neglect or abuse. The evidence you need to show a judge that you are a fit parent may be impossible to obtain without help from a private investigator. A PI can legally document how a parent treats their children through photos, video or audio recordings. They will look for any signs of reckless driving, criminal activity, gambling or drug abuse that could negatively affect the child’s well-being. They can also track where the parent or guardian goes so they can be served with legal papers to initiate child support proceedings. While parents or guardians can capture some of this information independently, a PI will gather more data in less time and remain emotionally detached so that the evidence they provide is valid in court. This is a crucial step in defending your rights as a parent.

Asset Searches

Parents hiring investigators for child custody issues gain peace of mind knowing they are being looked out for. The investigation results and documentation that investigators can often provide greatly strengthen a parent’s custody or visitation dispute case. Investigators can gather evidence that may not be readily available to law enforcement agencies and avoid accusations of invasion of privacy. Investigators can perform background checks on everyone involved in a child’s life, including grandparents, partners, cousins, and family friends. They can check social media and other information to verify whether a parent provides a safe and stable home environment. Private investigators can also assist with catching deadbeat parents who miss their child support payments. Performing an asset search will uncover important information that can help you work with your attorney to secure support payments legally. Ask the private investigator how they will communicate the results of their work, such as a daily email or telephone report.

Witness Testimony

Regarding contested custody cases, witness testimony makes up most of a judge’s decision. A private investigator can help locate and contact potential witnesses, determine their credibility and provide the attorney with subpoenas to compel their testimony if needed. Witnesses in custody cases need to be unbiased and knowledgeable. They also need to be able to provide first-hand information and experience about both parents and their children. Witnesses should not be family members or close friends and should have no reason to try to “win” the case. Most parents cannot call on their children as witnesses in custody cases. This testimony can be traumatic for the child and should only be used when necessary. It is a good idea to start thinking about custody witnesses early in the case. A list should be prepared and provided to the attorney before discovery is answered, a guardian ad litem has been appointed, and mediation takes place.